Farmhouse Fresh

Available in our Mountain Renewal Ritual and Seasonal Detoxifying Body Wrap

Farmhouse Fresh believes in the power of just-harvested botanicals to nourish your skin. Their microgreens, grown fresh daily, pack a punch of nutrients that surpass many full-size vegetables. By extracting the essence of these potent ingredients, they deliver rapid and visible results for a radiant complexion. With their Farm to Treatment!® approach, they ensure that every step of the skincare process is rooted in purity and freshness. As a trusted brand in the spa industry for over a decade, Farmhouse Fresh has been consistently recognized by American Spa Magazine as a favorite among professionals. Beyond skincare, their headquarters also serves as a registered non-profit farm animal sanctuary, featured in People Magazine for the Skincare that Saves mission. The Farmhouse Fresh dedicated team not only cares for the beautiful souls who find refuge here but also crafts products that revive and heal.